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Slurry seal/Micro-surfacing Equipment Paving Box

  • Features and Technical Data
Features and Technical Data

Paving box is a vital unit to the superior slurry seal machine. After all the raw material is precisely proportioned and mixed by main machine, road surfacing is finished by the dedicated spread box eventually. Spread box has two major functions to slurry seal machine: one is storage mixture, the other is paving the mixture evenly to maintenance road surface. From structural form, it can be classified to non-mixing shaft spread box, single-mixing shaft spread box, dual-mixing shaft spread box, triple-mixing shaft spread box and V-type spread box, etc. From spreading ways, it can be classified to Micro-surfacing Box, Slurry Box, Rut Box and Slope box, etc. It also can be classified to stationary type and telescoping type by the possibility of realizing width variation.

  NT4000 NT3800 NT4200 MSV1750
Paving width(mm) 2600—4000 2500—3800 2700—4200 1750
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