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Drum Asphalt Melter

  • Features and Technical Data
Features and Technical Data

Easy Operation.
All the control and monitor device on one control board.
Labor saving, only two labors needs except for opening drum and collecting empty drum.
The compact structure design saves occupation area.

Model LQT6
Production(t/h) (Environment Temperature≥25℃) 5~6 T/H
Bitumen temperature(℃) 120-140
Drum No. (Drum/Batch) 32
Bitumen storage volume (m³)12
Hot oil boiler YYW600-Y(Q)
Boiler heater volume(kw) 500
Hot oil working temperature(℃) 210-240
Boiler external dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 6000X1800X5400
Gantry hoist Model: JM0.3; 0.75 Kw   Speed:11m/min
Exhaust fan Model: ZF1050-1NO280A, 3 Kw,
Flow rate: 4070m³/h, Pressure:890Pa
Bitumen Pump Model:3QGB25.7/0.6, Motor power: 7.5 Kw                                                       
Flow rate: 25.7m³/h;speed:1450r/min
Trolley driving reducer Model: JRTR77D100L4/B, Power: 3Kw, Output speed 42 r/min
Trolley travel speed Speed:6.5 m/min
Total Power(kw) < 30
Total weight(t) 18
External Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 8000×2150×2500
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